Email as the Ultimate Deal Aggregator

Almost everyone has an email id that receives deals, mailers, discount coupons, and ‘mass’ emails. Wouldn’t it be useful if email could aggregate deals, recommend related products, filter out deals that do not meet requirements and even unsubscribe to less relevant deals?


How would this work?

This would work by integrating email with a deal aggregation engine in the backend.

  • First, a separate tab is provided for deals. This tab will contain functionality built specifically for deals. Putting deals in a separate tab will also reduce Inbox clutter.
  • Users are asked for their preferences and targeting information such as Categories of interest, Gender, Location, Favorite merchants, Price preferences (by product category) and so on. Based on this, the deal aggregation engine would find all deals that match the user’s criteria. For example, if  the user provides “Spa Services” as an area of interest, the deal aggregation engine would fetch Spa related deals from Groupon, Living Social and other daily deal services.
  • Apart from daily deals, the email aggregator would find coupons for the user’s areas of interest. For example, if I indicated “Babies/ Children” as a category of interest, it would sign me up for Babies R Us or Target’s Baby coupons. For “Books”, it would sign me up for Barnes & Noble or Amazon coupons. I could also specify individual retailers that I like to shop at, say New York & Company, and the deal finder would crawl for their coupons and push them into my Inbox.

Here is why email is the ideal deal aggregation platform:

  • Most deal notifications happen via email subscriptions. By integrating email with deal aggregation, users do not have to take the trouble to subscribe to individual deals. They would have to indicate their preferences just one time and their email based aggregator will do the rest.
  • Email can help reduce user deal fatigue. Even though email tends to get cluttered with mass mailers, deals and coupons, it is the right medium to organize deals in such a way as to get users only the deals they want.

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