Twitter Features I’d Love to See

(1) Preview & Open Links:

One of the primary ways people use Twitter is to share and read links. It would be useful to be able to preview links on Twitter. It would be even cooler if links could open from the same page, say in a frame on the right side of the page.


(2) Power Tweeters Crowd Out Others on the Timeline

Some people are extremely active tweeters while others are less frequent. Often the frequent tweeters tend to swamp one’s Timeline crowding out less frequent tweeters.

Here are 2 ways this could be handled:

  • Provide the ability to put frequent tweeters on a separate tab so that the less frequent tweeters have the opportunity to show up on the main Timeline prominently.
  • Let users temporarily filter out specific tweeters on the Timeline – and be able to add them back on the Timeline once they’ve viewed others as well.

(3) Support conversations in Timeline:

Often there’s an interesting conversation going on in Twitter but it’s hard to keep track of it because the Timeline shows tweets ‘discretely’. Of course, clicking on a tweet will show related tweets on the right frame, but it would be useful to have conversations bunched together on the main timeline. If anyone wants to follow the entire discussion, they can expand it.

(4) Allow commenting/ annotating when Retweeting.


  • Users would like to add their own opinions to RTs.
  • Sometimes people RT tweets they disagree with, and would like to indicate that they’re not endorsing the tweet.

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